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Clara Burton
1998, softcover, 137 pp., index.
ISBN 0-9637523-3-2
$ 15.00

“These essays contain my thoughts, feelings, memories, and concerns regarding Monhegan Island. I wrote them to share with those who live here. I also hope that those who visit will discover for themselves what Monhegan Island can give to them and that they, in turn, will learn to love and respect this special place.”

– The Author

“There is a magic about all Maine islands, but especially about Monhegan, a magic in the rugged island and in its people. As a long-time resident of Monhegan, Clara Burton writes of the island in days past and present. She tells of trap days, of weather that shapes Monhegan life, of island food, of people who follow the New England pattern of ‘eat it up, wear it out, make it do, or go without.’

To the shelf of classic books about Maine, add Monhegan Memories.

– Luthera Burton Dawson, author of Saltwater Farm

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