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Luthera Burton Dawson
2004, softcover, 185 pp., illustrated.
ISBN 0-9637523-5-9
$ 18.00

Cover art by Alice D. Phalen

This long-awaited follow-on to Luthera Burton Dawson’s Saltwater Farm comprises two books in one. That classic of Maine coastal memoir, Saltwater Farm, is included in its entirety with all new illustrations. In addition, eighteen new essays, a short story, and a collection of recipes make up In the Slow Lane – all written with Dawson’s evocative gift for describing the cadences of life on the Maine coast in a time gone by.

“Come aboard a slow-moving gundalow to cruise up and down the St. George’s River. See, in the light of years ago, how life was lived in midcoast Maine. Luthera Burton Dawson lived that life with its pleasures and sorrows and simple, day-to-day, satisfactions. Now in her nineties, she shares those memories to her readers’ great advantage.”

– from the publisher

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